Burn and Scald Injuries

The NHS estimates that more than 13,000 people with burns are admitted to hospital each year in the UK and more than double this number are treated in Accident and Emergency departments across the country.

Burn injuries cause muscle and nerve damage that can be extremely painful and lead to devastating physical effects, such as deformities and scarring.

In addition to the potentially serious physical implications of burn injuries, the serious psychological harm that may result due to a person sustaining burn injuries can be life-changing. Many burns victims become depressed, develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or become socially isolated as a result of the traumatic event in which they sustained their injuries, the intense pain caused, or due to the scars and deformities that can result from such injuries.

bandaged arm of a child because of a skin lesion

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Severe burns can lead to amputations if the damage to a body extremity is too serious for recovery. Amputations have their own, unique consequences, so please see the section on amputations for specific advice and guidance related to amputations for a more extensive overview.

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