Our T&C’s

On instructing SeriousInjuryClaims4U you will confirm that of your own free will you have selected SeriousInjuryClaims4U to deal with your personal injury claim arising from your accident.

You will be required to confirm to SeriousInjuryClaims4U that you have made enquiries about possible alternative ways of financing your claim, that you have considered the possible options and benefits of credit card, legal expenses insurance, trade union membership and benefits to which you (and immediate family members) may be entitled and that you are satisfied that you understand having thought about these alternatives SeriousInjuryClaims4U should deal with your claim.

You will have the right to cancel your Damages Based Agreement (“contract”) with SeriousInjuryClaims4U for any reason within the 14 day cooling off period and you can do this without there being any charge to you. Thereafter, you still have the right to cancel your contract with us, but if you cancel the contract after the 14 day cooling off period, we are within our rights to ask you to pay our reasonable charges proportionate to the work done by us on your behalf up to that point in time charged at an hourly rate of £50 plus VAT, if applicable.

You will be required to provide SeriousInjuryClaims4U with the full and true facts and all material information about the accident. Thereafter, you must continue to answer any questions relating to your accident truthfully and provide any additional information requested by us to assist you in pursuing your personal injury claim.

SeriousInjuryClaims4U can confirm that the basics of a claim mean that before you become entitled to compensation for your personal injury and other financial losses claims, it must be possible to identify someone whose fault caused your personal injuries and who as such should compensate you. You understand that it may be necessary for you to go to court and you will be required to confirm that you would be willing to do that and personally attend and give evidence and ask any relevant witnesses to do the same.

You understand that on instructing us to act on your behalf, SeriousInjuryClaims4U will recommend a firm of solicitors from our panel of solicitors to represent you in relation to your personal injury and any associated losses claim including if necessary starting court proceedings. You will be advised about the specific firm we recommend to act for you prior to you deciding to instruct them. We do not charge you anything for recommending you to a firm of solicitors.

You will be required to confirm that you will pass to SeriousInjuryClaims4U all documents relevant to your claim and will be told what documents may be necessary, if any, and asked to keep safely those documents.

SeriousInjuryClaims4U can confirm that once the panel firm of solicitors agrees to act on your behalf in respect of your personal injury claim they are genuinely and fully independent. They will act only in your best interests according to your reasonable instructions and you will appreciate the firm of solicitors and not SeriousInjuryClaims4U will control the professional work. Further, you understand that the firm of solicitors will at all times work according to the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 or such other Professional Conduct Rules that shall apply from time to time.

You will on instructing SeriousInjuryClaims4U to act on your behalf agree to and authorise the panel firm of solicitors you instruct to deal with SeriousInjuryClaims4U in respect of any matters relating to your personal injury claim. You will be requested to provide an authority to the firm of solicitors to allow them to discuss your claim with SeriousInjuryClaims4U.

SeriousInjuryClaims4U inform you that if the panel firm of solicitors act for you on a No Win No Fee*, Conditional Fee Agreement (“CFA”) basis and only if your claim for personal injury and/or associated losses is successful then you may be liable for (i) payment of the uplift on the panel firm of solicitors legal charges known as the “Success Fee” and (ii) payment of the cost of the “after the event” legal expenses insurance policy taken out by the firm of solicitors on your behalf to protect you in respect of any costs that you may be liable to pay relating to the opponents legal costs and your own disbursements, for example, the cost of the medical report(s), court fees etc if your claim fails, as unfortunately the success fee and the after the event insurance policy premium further to the recent government reforms to personal injury litigation are both no longer recoverable from the opponent as part of your legal costs even if your claim succeeds.

On instructing SeriousInjuryClaims4U to act on your behalf under the Damages Based Agreement contract, a type of ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement, you will agree that only on your claim being successful you will pay SeriousInjuryClaims4U a Contingency Fee (“management fee”) inclusive of VAT of up to 25% of your compensation for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, that is the personal injury element of your compensation which is awarded to you in the claim covered by this contract for only the investigative and advisory claims management services provided by SeriousInjuryClaims4U to include administration of your claim, completing the initial accident claim form, completing any documentation and providing any translation and general client care services during your personal injury claims process.

Under our contractual terms you will authorise the panel firm of solicitors to deduct the management fee for our investigative and advisory services from your compensation and pay this amount to SeriousInjuryClaims4U on your behalf to discharge payment of the management fee.

The reason for setting the management fee at the percentage level stated in the contract will reflect the fact that if your claim fails SeriousInjuryClaims4U will not earn anything, it is based on the assessment of the risks involved in your case, it is based on any other appropriate matters, it reflects the fact that if your claim succeeds SeriousInjuryClaims4U will not be paid until the end of your claim and it is based on the amount of work that SeriousInjuryClaims4U expects to have to do for you as part of their claims management services until the conclusion of your claim.

However, SeriousInjuryClaims4U want to ensure that we deal fairly with you and therefore we have a policy that if you recover less than £1,000 in compensation. SeriousInjuryClaims4U shall exercise their discretion and waive the management fee otherwise payable by you.

Please note that the management fee charged by SeriousInjuryClaims4U is only for the investigative and advisory claims management services that they will provide to you throughout the duration of your personal injury claim to include an initial assessment of the merits of your claim, drafting an initial statement of facts on your behalf, obtaining supportive evidence if requested by the panel firm of solicitors to include CCTV footage, locus photographs or sketch plans to assist in pursuing your claim, facilitating if appropriate to your claim obtaining a replacement vehicle, recovery and storage of your vehicle or vehicle repair services, assisting the panel firm of solicitors in collating evidence relating to your out of pocket expenses, providing you with the facility to obtain case updates via our customer services, translation services if requested, assisting you with completion of any documentation and arranging transport to attend at Court. Our management fee does not include any payment by you for the referral of your claim to one of our panel of solicitors.

SeriousInjuryClaims4U operate a client complaints policy and we refer you to the complaints section of the website for additional information on our policy.